The Best and Worst Bon Iver Songs

We’re all hoping, in light of recent news, for some new tracks from Justin Vernon with Bon Iver. To be frank, we’ve been hoping for it since that ever fateful day in 2012 when our sad little hears were shattered with hiatus news. I mean, Conor Oberst and Justin Vernon were every hispter girl’s dream men in 2008. Further, For Emma, Forever Ago is definitively one of the best albums released in the 00’s. Our minds were afloat with imagery of JV frantically scribbling away in Wisconsin like Ted Kaczynski and letting words and memories flow from his heart and soul. That story is one fans will never forget. So, in celebration of Bon Iver announcing tour dates, let’s rank the best and worst songs:

My Topsies: 

1. “Towers” is my actual favorite Bon Iver song. I’d even say it’s top 10 in all my favorite songs. Listing it here is pretty pointless though, because I have literally no idea what it’s about or what it means. “Well, youʼre standing on my sternum don’t you climb down darling. The sermons are the first to rest.” I guess maybe that’s the point.

2. “Blood Bank” – One of the more mainstream ones, but still a pretty big favorite. Is too silly to include all the title tracks as my ultimate? It was different for fans when this four song EP came out after For Emma, but it worked really well and saw some great commercial success.

3. “Skinny Love”: It reminds you about long drives with that guy you fell in love with for a month in 2011 who had the epic vinyl collection. It might not be the most complex or emotional track, but it’s certainly the most famous. No one can forget when this was performed on Letterman and pushed the band forward to the ever elusive “household name” so many people look for.

4.”Perth”: Honestly, it’s is the only choice for the first song on Bon Iver. They style change felt drastic enough to where you knew it was a new vibe and new sound for the band, but you got that sultry confusing J-Vern vocal that we know and love. Even more confusing is the actual geography of the places and lyrics here. Maybe it’s the strange compelling nature of everyones’ inevitable triviality, but there’s something nondescript that makes all of these tracks about the whole contents of the world.


5. “Holocene”: At least this song mentions Christmas? This was written with the location theme, but it’s the biggest disappointment in Portland, Ore. and I cannot and will not endorse anything that mentions that bacterial cess pool that serves adults drinks in plastic cups. Also, let’s be real here: Justin Vernon is a tool and you’d probably run into him at Holocene. On the other side, he’s like a hammer or a chainsaw or something. He’s everyone’s favorite tool.

6. “Fall Creek Boys Choir”: This is most likely James Blake’s fault. Lesson learned. CMYK doesn’t blend well with bon bon. Sorry team.

Bonus Track:

Vernon appears in “I Am A God” with King Kanye – which is just amazing all around.