I was an immature asshole. Will you take me back anyway?

I’m so sorry to have a to write a cliche like this. Such self-indulgent dibble on blogs makes me want to tear my eyes out, but hey, it’s 2017 and what’s life without a little hypocrisy? That’s right mother fuckers. Welcome to The Relaunch.

If you’ve noticed my blog blackout over the last six months, do not be alarmed, I wasn’t maimed by a bus and comatose. Unless, the bus was called Writer’s Block and the treatment was a whiskey IV. After an essay I had written got some press in Seattle and Portland, someone I deeply care for expressed a disappointment in how they were portrayed and it made me reconsider how I was writing. Hence, I decided to dick around Portland, not take any freelance work, and decide what I wanted this to look like moving forward.

Since I’ve had this blog for 10 years and never done any maintenance, these posts were chronicled in an immature and frankly annoying way. Even my non-relationship posts had my relationships painted all over them. It’s not a bad thing exactly, that was just the way I wrote in college. To read over them now, it’s kind of fun to see how in love I was with my ex, which freshman philosophy classes made me feel like big shot, and the way my friends and I have grown. That’s what happened though, I had grown. Go figure – people actually can grow up!

Using this writing as a professional portfolio didn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s what it was starting to try to be. It was like handing in my diary as my resume. Oddly enough, it worked quite a few times. Which is why I feel comfortable keeping some highly trafficked posts up here. Maybe it’s because you’re 22 and going through some shitty breakup, or maybe you’re just a misery tourist, but I’ll keep my popular posts like What to do When You’re Ex Gets Engaged and How to Cry at Work archived, but everything else got rek’d.

I just can’t write that way anymore. I just don’t act that way anymore. Especially with the way our country is right now, it’s important to be completely honest and completely yourself, so that is what I promise you. Also, for some reason you people think I’m relevantly discussing pre-22, A Million Bon Iver, so that’s staying.

If you’ll give me a chance, new words will be here and I’d love for you to read them. Plus, you know I still have my own stories. I still write my characters’ fiction. I still hope I can make you laugh and maybe feel something more too.

Or maybe I’ll just go drop a bunch of acid in John Day and write about that. Are people still dropping acid?

XOXO. Victoria.

p.s. I let my domain name expire while I was out there “finding myself” so give me a break while I shop for a new one.